The Precious Gift of More

People facing Alzheimer’s disease long for more time. More memories. More days of feeling like nothing has changed. But the heartbreaking reality is that all these things are stripped away, often with little warning.

That’s why the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s (IEA) is pioneering the most advanced research initiatives and treatments to give people and their families hope for the future. But we depend on philanthropic support from our community to move faster and to achieve more. Your gift today empowers:

• Innovative research. Right now, our team is learning to use markers in diverse blood samples to determine if Alzheimer’s disease is present. These findings will help us diagnose people faster and connect them with the right treatments and emerging therapies.

• Improved access to care. Every person, no matter their circumstances or walk of life, deserves the highest quality care. We are ensuring that all communities have the same access to new therapies, clinical trials and the research programs taking place at the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s.

• Education. From fitness and nutrition classes to engaging conversations with medical experts, we are educating our neighbors on important lifestyle changes that can help prevent and slow the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Will you make a gift today to help us fight back against Alzheimer’s? We have the right team in place to confront this disease head on—not just to slow its spread, but to end it for good. And we invite you to join us today.