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News from the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer's

  • Dr. Cynthia Carlsson was a recent guest on ‘Compassion Chats’

    Cynthia Carlsson, MD, MS, joined host Susan Marshall on a recent episode of Compassion Chats, an online monthly program about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia caregiving resources that anyone can join. Carlsson discussed what inspired her to devote her career to Alzheimer’s disease research, the progress being made in the field, why research and clinical trials depend on volunteers, how to get involved in a study and much more.

  • Pedaling across Canada to preserve memories

    Meet Dave Adam, a champion for Alzheimer’s disease research. Dave is a Wisconsin man who is cycling across Canada in a 4,400 mile ride to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s disease programs at UW–Madison. Dave began his journey on May 10 and expects to finish the route by Independence Day. You can follow along with Dave’s journey and donate to his fundraiser on his blog “Pedaling to Preserve Memories.”

  • Become a “Community Champion” for the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s

    Wisconsin Medicine just launched an exciting new initiative that will help support the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s (which supports work being done by the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute). Get involved! Please consider becoming a “Community Champion” by creating a Classy fundraising page that supports the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s through this campaign (similar to a GoFundMe page). Then, share it with your personal network.

  • Watch “Determined: Fighting Alzheimer’s” on NOVA

    The independent film “Determined: Fighting Alzheimer’s” premiered on the PBS science series NOVA on April 8, 2022, and is now available to watch online for free. The documentary is about the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and follows three participants from the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention (WRAP) and includes interviews with scientists from University of Wisconsin–Madison Alzheimer’s disease research programs.

  • Dr. Art Walaszek to present keynote speech at Alzheimer’s Association Wisconsin State Conference

    Art Walaszek, MD, is a keynote speaker at the 36th annual Alzheimer’s Association Wisconsin state conference, held virtually May 2 -3, 2022. Dr. Walaszek will present on the care of older adults with chronic mental …

  • United Community Center to expand dementia care services for Latinos

    Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, discussed cultural implications of dementia care for Latinos in Wisconsin in a recent interview with Milwaukee's NPR.

  • Why I support the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s: Ann Brewer

    I am honored to be a member of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Initiative to End Alzheimer’s Board of Visitors. Many of us on the board, including myself, have personally lived with the devastating effects of a loved one’s journey through this illness.

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