Dr. Todd C. Flynn Scholarship Fund

Photo of Todd C. Flynn and his family standing together outside. Clockwise from the top left are Laurie Lewis Robertson, Todd C. Flynn, and Robertson's two children
Laurie Lewis Robertson, her children, and Todd C. Flynn

Todd C. Flynn, PhD, led a vibrant life as a clinical and forensic psychologist, working with children, adolescents, families, veterans and enlisted folks throughout his career. He was beloved for his warmth, care, empathy and adventurous spirit, having once been a missile silo combat crew commander and captain in the U.S. Air Force.

When Todd was in his mid-50s, his family started noticing changes in his personality and behavior. These changes ultimately led to the devastating diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease when he was just 61 years of age. Tragically, Todd died ten years later, leaving behind many loving friends and family.

His stepdaughter, Laurie Lewis Robertson, is an administrative specialist for the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention (WRAP). She and her husband, Craig, her mom, Susan, and her sister and brother-in-law, Wendy and Mike, have established a scholarship fund in Todd’s name. Through the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s (IEA), the fund will help support the IEA Innovation Fund, which provides project funding for researchers from the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) and Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI).

Photo of Todd C. Flynn smiling
Todd C. Flynn

“Although the negativity, uncertainty and suffering we have experienced or seen others go through has laid bare societal and systemic dysfunctions, it has also reinforced that we must act positively to change for the better what we are able to — in our lives, and in the lives of others,” Laurie said.

Todd lived a life of compassion, dedicated to helping others. In honor of Todd and to ensure his bright light continues to shine and make an impact, please join Laurie and her family in advancing a cure through research, education and social responsibility with your support of the UW Initiative to End Alzheimer’s. Together, we can improve lives and build a future without Alzheimer’s disease. Visit the Todd C. Flynn fundraising page to learn more.

In loving memory of Todd C. Flynn
August 6, 1944–November 25, 2015

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